Thursday June 30 - SeaBreeze Recreation Center - Instructor Helen Hamlett

Dancin’ the Dust

Til the Neon’s Gone

Texas Echo

Summertime Paradise

Cut Loose

Cold Heart

Love Crime

Better When I'm Dancin’

Backroad Nation

Chicken Fried


Don’t I Wish

Every Step in the Book

Go Find Another


Skip the Line

Neon Blue

Party Mode

Thursday June 30 - Truman Recreation Center - Instructor Lola Miller

Please Mister Please

Key Largo

Girl of my Dreams

Kiss the Girl

Cowboys of the Caribbean

No Easy Way

Tribal Town

You’re Everything to Me

Two of a Kind

Thursday June 30 - Fish Hawk Recreation Center - Instructor Marianna Spence

On the Loose

Skip the Line

Through Your Eyes

Rebel Just For Kicks

Seeing Blind

Quarter after One


3 AM

Thursday June 30 - Lake Miona Recreation Center - Instructor Darlene Burdin (Sub Sue Heller)

Things - Gary Lafferty

Love Grows - Craig Bennett & Maddison Glover

Bottom of the Bottle - Gary O'Reilly

Lonely Drum - Darren Mitchell

Til the Neons Gone - Darren Bailey 

Might as Well – Diana Dawson

Sweet Release - Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever

Another One Bites The Dust -Ryan Hunt

What a Song Can Do - Heather Barton & Andre Hayes

Here We Go - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Who's Up All Night? - Brandon Zahorsky


Thursday June 30 - Laurel Manor Recreation Center - Instructor Susi Akers

FINAL Ultra/Absolute Beginner Session (8:00 - 8:50 a.m.) 

AB Good - Susanne Oates  

Sometimes I Wonder - Ron Bloye  

Be Bop EZ - Larry Bass  

Walk It Down to the Honky Tonk - Step 5678  

Beginner (9:00 - 9:50 a.m.)

Little Rhumba Right - Donna Laurin 

Can You 2 Step - Frank Trace  

This & That - Gary Lafferty  

Bottom of the Bottle - Gary O'Reilly  

American Kids - Randy Pelletier  


Thursday June 30 - Laurel Manor Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Walter

Mixing Moon - Ivonne Verhagen & Sylvie Stumpe 

Sangria Sun – Tina Argyle

Take Me Home - Maddison Glover

When the Night Falls – Rose Multari

Count the Beers – Hana Ries

Yeah! – Michael Barr

Dancing with a Stranger - Johnny Two-Step

AA – Gail Smith

One Night Standards – Kirsteen Currie

Slow Down Summer – Martino & Weiss

Hell Yeah – Gail Smith

Another One Bites the Dust – Ryan Hunt

5 o’clock Dance – Debbie Rushton

Beautiful Goodbye – Michael Barr


Thursday June 30 - Canal Street Recreation Center - Instructor Diane Ellis

6/30 Canal

11 a.m.  Beginner - Level 2

Boat On The River - Dave Young

Portisere - Jo Thompson

Baby Bubbles - Gaye Teather

Tush Push - Jim Ferrazzano

12:00 Improver - Level 3+

Bosa Nova - Phil Dennington

Sweet Surrender - Caroline Cooper

Country Girl Shake - Adlam and Hennings-Hunt

Skip The Line - Kate Sala